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Lake Fork Fishing Reports

Lake Fork Fishing Reports

January 2017 Lake Fork Fishing Report

Posted on 5 January 2017 | 9:49 pm
It's hard to believe 2017 is finally here!  I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Fishing Lake Fork in January can be quite a challenge some days and some days very productive.

Normally when January rolls around I start focusing on 6-10 foot depths.  There is very little hydrilla in the lake now and what there is, is very shallow.  Some areas however have coontail moss but most of that is shallow as well.  With the lake hovering around 2.75 feet low it makes jig  fishing for me a top technique.  Since the grass is not around for them to relate to I like to concentrate on tree lines that run off points.  The best areas for this are mid lake and south and you could certainly tie into a giant bass with this pattern.  The other pattern I'll use mid lake and south is a suspending jerkbait.  I typically throw this bait on 12 lb mono.  I know that's light line for Fork but the lure casts and works better.   With the jerkbait I concentrate on points near major spawning pockets.

The other areas I'll be fishing especially if we're on a warming trend are the major northern creeks.  Since there's no grass in these areas I'll focus on little ditches and draws on the flats and the main channels themselves.  The depths tend to very by the day.  If it's been unseasonably warm I'll fish all the way in the back of the creeks.  I've had days in January where I've caught em when I was so far up the creek I could barely turn my boat around.  Typically though I like the creeks where the channel itself is 8-10 feet and the flats are 3-6 feet.  As far as lures a 1/2 oz jig or sometimes a 1/4 oz depending on depth and wind are great choices.  Square Bill crankbaits and spinnerbait is a good choice to.

To book a winter time trip or a spring trip call me anytime.  Also like my Facebook page I can be reached at 903 780-0680.

December 2016 Lake Fork Fishing Report

Posted on 1 December 2016 | 9:29 am
Well December is here!  It's hard to believe this year is almost over.  I first want to say thank you to all my customers who have fished with me this year.  I hope you have a Merry Christmas.

Fishing in December can be challenging some days and very rewarding other days.  Weather means so much this time of year.  As of now the lake is around 2 1/2 feet low.  With that being said fishing the big stumps along the major creek channels with a square bill crankbait, spinnerbait, and jig is a great choice.  Lately I've been catching good quality bass on this pattern.  As long as these areas don't become real muddy this technique will last all winter.   Other than this creek channel pattern there will probably not be a lot of shallow water bass to be caught since we have very little main lake grass.

Deep water bass fishing this month will probably be the most consistent.   Deep water main lake points, road beds, and deep creeks near tree lines are great choices.  Depths can very day by day but the 26-30 depths seem to be the most consistent.  As far as lure choices my favorite, are spoons, tails spins, and drop shot.  Other lures like swim baits, football jigs, and Carolina rigs can be productive.

I have plenty of open days this month for bass and crappie.  Call me anytime 903 780-0680 and like my Facebook page.

October, 2016 Lake Fork Fishing Report

Posted on 10 October 2016 | 8:06 am
October has finally arrived and with it comes cooler weather and hungry bass.  Bass fishing this month can be very rewarding.  Bass can be caught on almost every bait in the box and at almost every depth.

Currently Lake Fork is about 2 feet low which for years that is about normal for October.  Recently most of the bass we've been catching have been shallow.  Some of Lake Forks creeks have a decent amount of coontail moss which seems to be holding good numbers of bass.  Spinnerbaits, swim baits, and a light weight Texas rigged worm are working well in these areas.   Other options to look at are the main creek channels themselves.  We've recently caught fish lately around the creeks that have 8-10 foot of water in the channel and 3-4 foot flats.  Texas rigged worms and medium diving cranks are working good on these areas.  Also I must mention to keep an eye on schooling activity.  Watch for herons and pay attention to your surroundings and these bass most often give themselves away.

To book a fall trip call me anytime 903 780-0680.  Also like my FB page for current pics and reports

September, 2016 Lake Fork Fishing Report

Posted on 9 September 2016 | 3:09 pm
Well September has finally arrived and with that comes longer nights, most days are a little cooler, and the bass feel these changes and their locations change.

September is a month where bass can be caught at all depths and all lures.  As a general rule the bass that lived on the main lake off shore tend to suspend in September.  It's not uncommon to see fish schooling over 40 feet of water.  These bass aren't at all relating to any bottom contour they're just roaming and chasing shad.  Therefore it's important to keep a lure ready at all times for schoolers.  Lipless crankbaits, flukes, or any prop bait or walking bait are good choices.

This time of year some bass will start towards the backs of the creeks.  Some creeks are better than others.  You just have to spend the time checking different ones until you find which type of creeks they prefer.  When I'm hunting for creek fish I normally start clear to the back and work my way out.  Creeks that have coontail or hydrilla I'll fish a wake bait, topwater, or spinnerbait.  If they're not in the back I'll start moving out with a Texas rigged worm and a square Bill crankbait.  As I move deeper I'll switch to deeper crankbaits.

Another September option is fishing main lake grass.  There's not much available this year but in some places there's some hydrilla and coontail.  As September progresses more bass should be around it.

I still have some days open before the McDonalds tournament coming up.  Also if you're looking to book a fall trip  I still have openings.  Call me anytime 903 780-0680 for availability and like my Facebook page.  Good luck!

April, 2016 Lake Fork Fishing Report

Posted on 8 April 2016 | 10:51 am
We've had some beautiful weather here recently on Lake Fork.  Fishing has been good some days and tough on others.  However, April is one of the greatest months to fish Fork especially for spawning bass.

There are many ways to catch bass on Fork this month.  If you like spawning bass this month is for you.  I would venture to say probably 80 percent of Forks bass population is In less than 8 feet of water.  The spawn occurs from north to south this month.  Some bass will also be in post spawn mode.  For the post spawners I concentrate on the north end fishing the spawning areas with topwater, shallow crank, and swimming a lizard or swim bait around shallow weeds especially where the bass fry are present.

For the spawners there will still be some on the north end of lake but the bulk of the spawn will be midlake and south.  All the main lake creeks and pockets should have good numbers of spawning bass.  Lures vary but weightless senko and fluke is hard to beat, chatterbait and stickbaits work well to.

Here are the open dates I still have open in April: 12,17,27.  Call me anytime 903 780-0680 and be sure and like my Facebook page.

Good fishing

January, 2016 Lake Fork Fishing Report

Posted on 19 February 2016 | 9:45 am
Happy New Year everyone!  I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and now looking forward to some spring fishing!

From the 3rd week of October till now we have had tons of rain.  The lake obviously is full which this will be the first time since 2010 we've started the year off full.  This is very exciting for several reasons.  First off with the full lake and all the flooded cover we have from the recent drought years this will provide this year with an incredible habitat for our offspring which in turn increases our bass populations.  And if you prefer to fish shallow like I do there are so many places to flip plastics and throw spinnerbaits now and that excites me!

Fishing recently has been typical for what you can expect in early January.  Not a lot of numbers but good quality.  For me on my recent trips most bass have been around shallow weeds and bushes on spinnerbait.  Lately little wind blown points with good available cover are holding some fish.  Suspending jerkbaits on main lake points are also getting some action.  Those fish seem to be in about 6-8 foot depths and I'm keeping my boat 12-14 feet throwing shallow.  As January progresses more fish move up and will become more accessible.

Crappie are still biting on main lake points and humps on jigs and minnows.  Start out in around 30 and graph around to around 40 until you see em.  I will still book some crappie trips in January.

If you haven't booked a spring date now is the time.  I still have quite a few open dates in February and March.  Call me anytime 903 780-0680 and be sure and like my Facebook page for current information and pictures.

November, 2015 Lake Fork Fishing Report

Posted on 19 November 2015 | 9:51 am
This is my favorite time of year to fish Lake Fork.  The weather most days is beautiful, fall foliage is great, and the bass most days are active.   Late November is when our first state record bass was caught and I've had many big catches of bass this month.  There are several productive patterns right now that I'll discuss.

First off since the lake is full pool there are flooded willows and other brush all over the lake.   I've recently caught bass out of this cover on frogs, spinnerbait, and swim jigs in and around this cover.  The bass are scattered about so covering a lot of water till you find the right stretches is critical.  The other shallow pattern has been fishing the backs of creeks where coon tail moss is present.  When you find coon tail bass are normally close.  In these areas buzz baits, Yellow Magic top waters and spinnerbait are working.

The deep water pattern on Fork in November is always an option.  Normally 20-30 foot depths are best but recently for me 12-18 foot has been better.   Spoons and Carolina rigged plastics have been productive for me.  Also when fishing deeper depths this time of year be watching for sea gulls and herons because schooling bass are likely especially on bass with less wind.

Also don't forget crappie.  November thru January I'll do crappie trips in addition to bass.  Call anytime to book a trip 903 780-0680.  I still have November openings.  Like my Facebook page for current reports and pictures.

June, 2015 Lake Fork Fishing Report

Posted on 2 June 2015 | 6:13 am
Well we finally have a full lake here at Lake Fork.  The last time we saw a full lake was 5 years ago.  With that being said its changed some of the ways I typically fish this time of year.

Having the lake low so long many willows and weeds are flooded.  Many bass are still in this cover and haven't made a move to deeper water.  However, there are some that have moved out and more will be heading out in the upcoming weeks.  Lately I've been staying shallow most of the day.  I'm catching bass on a variety of baits but my best lures have been a chatterbait that I use in a bluegill color and a Texas rigged craw fishing both lures around flooded weeds and willows.  The bluegill are starting to move in to spawn and the crawfish are in abundance with this high water.  In fact we've caught many bass lately with crawfish in their throat.  I'm also catching fish in 10-12 feet of water with a dd22.  These fish are relating to offshore humps.

To book a summer trip call me anytime at 903 780-0680 and like my Facebook page for pics and more current reports.

May 2015 Lake Fork Fishing Report

Posted on 5 May 2015 | 3:46 pm
The month of May is my favorite month to fish Lake Fork!  The fish are wrapping up the spawn and are feeding to restore energy lost during that process.
Since our lake is just a few inches low now we should have had an awesome survival rate of the little fry.  With the close to full lake I'm concentrating my efforts around flooded willow trees and any green weeds.  Lure choices are varying day to day.  Lately for me buzz baits, frogs, chatter baits, and floating worms in bubble gum fished thru the weeds have been productive.  With the high water the shallow water fishing should be productive for weeks to come.  Later this month I'll move deeper with a worm and crankbait but for now I'll concentrate shallow.  Be sure and like my Facebook page for current pics and reports.  Here are the days I still have open in May 11,12,16,19,21,31.  Call anytime 903 780-0680

March 2015 Lake Fork Fishing Report

Posted on 10 March 2015 | 7:14 am
This March is certainly starting off colder than normal.  As I write this report on March 5 we have 3 inches of snow on the ground.  With this being said the spawn this year will be delayed.

As of now the lake has risen about 2 feet in the past couple of months but we are still about 5 3/4 feet low.  Fishing lately has been decent even in this cold water.  Lately I've been doing best on a suspending jerkbait fishing on the south end of lake.  Most days I keep my boat in 10-13 feet of water and most bass seem to be in the 4-8 foot depths.  Most fish seem to be around points and tree lines leading into spawning areas.

As March progresses and the water warms and clears I'll move back up the lake with a spinnerbait and lizard.  The water up north is colder now but it will warm faster as the days warm.      I'm really excited to see this lake rising.  Let's hope it gets close to full by spawn because there are so many willows and bushes that I'd love to see flooded.  I still have a few days open in March and they are the 9,20,21,23,28,29.  Also like my Facebook page for current pictures and reports.  Call me anytime 903 780-0680.

February 2015 Lake Fork Fishing Guide

Posted on 3 February 2015 | 8:41 am
Well folks February is here and spring is right around the corner.  I love this month because I know any bite could be a bass of a lifetime.  There are several patterns on Fork to catch these big bass here are a few to try.

Fork is now 7 feet low which it's actually up about 7 inches.  With this low lake I love fishing the big stumps and lay downs along the creek channels with a jig or spinnerbait.  I use a1/4oz some days if the wind is calm but most days on my jigs I use a 1/2 oz black/blue or black/brown/amber.  On the spinnerbait it varies a lot depending on water color, wind, and depth.  The best all around would be a 1/2oz chartreuse/ blue/white skirt with nickel Colorado blade and nu4 silver willow.

The other pattern I'll be using is a suspending jerk bait on the main lake points and secondary points leading into spawning areas.  I normally use 12lb line with this bait.  I know it's a little light but I believe it gets more bites.  Normally I use a clown color or chrome/blue on sunny days and gold/black/Orange on darker days.  As the end of February approaches and if we get some warmer than average days there may be some bass on beds in certain areas so be mindful of that.

Good luck this month if you want to book a February day I have some available.  If you want a spring date I still have some dates still open but call soon.  Call me anytime 903 780-0680.  Also like my Facebook page with current reports and photos.

November 2014 Lake Fork Fishing Guide

Posted on 7 October 2014 | 12:30 pm
If you love the great outdoors then the next two months are just about perfect!  I love bass fishing this time of year for several reasons.  First off the weather most days is wonderful, the fall foliage is beautiful and the bass are normally active and a variety of patterns will produce.

As of now Lake Fork is around 5 3/4 feet low so be very careful out there.  Right now I'm catching bass several ways.  One of the patterns I'm using is fishing shallow main lake hydrilla with a 3/8 oz. spinnerbait with tandem silver blades, a wake bait, and a square-bill crankbait.  All three lures I'm using a shad pattern.  Everyday is a little different and I just change lures till I find what they want.  The other pattern that has been successful lately is a Carolina rig in 8-12 foot depths on main lake points on the south end of the lake.  Other patterns worth noting are tree lines on main lake points and tree lines mouth of creeks.  In these areas watch for schooling bass.  These bass will often take a Zara spook topwater and a variety of swim baits.

If anyone wants to book a fall trip I still have some October  and November dates available.  Call me anytime at (903)780-0680.  Also like my Facebook page for current reports and techniques.

June 2014 Lake Fork Fishing Guide

Posted on 15 June 2014 | 9:42 am
Fishing on Lake Fork has been good in the recent weeks.  Now that June is here good fishing is to be expected most days.

Now that the spawn is over the bass in most areas are moving out deeper.   However, if you still want to shallow fish with the recent rains there is still some bass shallow around the flooded cattails and other shoreline vegetation.  In these areas floating frogs and buzz baits are still productive.  Most days I'm starting my day in the shallow areas with the lures previously mentioned then after mid morning I head to 8-12 foot depths with a DD 22 and a deep little n crank bait and a Texas rigged red bug or red shad worm.  Most of the areas I'm fishing in these depths are channel bends, humps, and ridges.  Fish are ganging up now and the action can be fast and furious if you pull up to the right spot at the right time.

Some bass are also being caught in deep water to.  Fish are also showing up on deep points and humps in 20-30 feet of water as well.  Good lure choices for these depths are Carolina rigs, football jigs, big crank baits, and drop shots.

Summer time fishing on Lake Fork can be awesome so don't miss out.  Also in addition to bass fishing I will be doing catfish trips now thru the fall.  I have a pontoon and can accommodate up to 6 people.  Be sure and like my Facebook page to see more current reports and pictures.  Call me anytime at (903)780-0680.  Here are the days in June I currently have available.  June 16,18,20,22-30.

April/May 2014 Lake Fork Fishing Guide

Posted on 9 May 2014 | 11:11 am
As of this writing Lake Fork is slowly rising.  We started off the first of the year about 5 feet low now we are around 3 1/2 feet low.  Bass fishing lately has been good most days.  We had a pretty severe front come thru Sunday night which has brought us very cool temperatures for this time of year.  However, the fish haven't seemed to mind.  Today we had around 25 bass with the largest around 7 lbs.

Bass fishing patterns are wide open here on Fork now.  Today we caught most of our fish on a Texas rigged lizard flipping stumps and on a frog fishing shallow weeds.  This pattern I'm fishing is working all over the lake right now.  Other lures that are also working in these areas are 1/4 oz. spinnerbaits and on some days buzz baits and Yellow Magics.  In the next few weeks fishing should remain great!  Call me for booking info at (903)780-0680 and be sure and like my Facebook page.

February 2014 Lake Fork Fishing Guide

Posted on 11 February 2014 | 9:58 am
As I type this article  Lake Fork is having a stretch of cold water temperatures that we haven't had in several winters.  Lately the water temperatures have ranged from 38-42 degrees.  However, relief is in sight!  By the time this weekend rolls around we will be having highs in the 70s and lows in the 50s.  This increase in temperatures should make a huge difference in the activity of the bass.

If there was ever a time frame on Fork to catch your biggest bass I would recommend the last 2 weeks of February and first week of March.  Big females will be on the prowl at this time looking for spawning grounds and will be hungry in preparation for the spawn.  Lure choices for me are pretty simple.  Most of the time I'll be fishing a rattle type bait if there is grass available and I alternate sizes from 1/4-3/4 depending on depth of grass and wind conditions.  I don't vary colors much.  I use a darker red bait on darker days and lighter shade of red or orange on brighter days.   Spinnerbaits and chatter baits will also play a part this time a year.  I like a white chatter bait with a Lake Fork Tackle baby Hyper Freak as a trailer in dirty water and more of a perch colored bait with Hyper Freak trailer in clear water.  Spinnerbaits I use all kinda of blade and skirt combos depending on water clarity, sky conditions, and depth of grass or creek I might be fishing.  As a general rule I use gold blades in cloudy conditions and silver on clearer conditions.  Last but not least a jig.  Normally I use a 1/2 oz. but occasionally I like a 1/4 oz.  most days I use a black/blue combo but I also like a black/brown/amber as well.

I still have some days en in the upcoming weeks.  Call anytime (903)780-0680

For information on booking a trip, visit my website:

January 2014 Fishing Report

Posted on 9 January 2014 | 1:38 pm
Happy New Year to all!  Lake Fork has finally come up some.  As of now we're about 4 1/2 feet low.  We're a long ways from full but at least we're heading in the right direction.

As of this writing water temps are hovering in low 40's on the average which can make for a slow bite, however the ones you do catch will be quality fish and you could certainly tie into a big one now.  Lure choices for me don't vary too much now.  I pretty much stay with a lipless crankbait most days varying my retrieve speed till I find what they want.  I most often stay with the 1/2 oz. size and stay with a darker red or fire/tiger pattern on darker days and lighter colored craw pattern on sunny days.  The other technique that can be very effective now in this extremely cold water is a suspending jerk bait.  Most days I fish this bait with only 12lb line and give it a 5-10 second pause between jerks.  As far as colors I use a chrome/blue back on sunny days and a black/gold on cloudy days.  Don't forget a jig either this time of year either.

If you haven't fished Lake Fork in the winter it can be a real treat.  If you're hunting for a real trophy now and February is a great time to come!  If you haven't booked a spring date call before it's too late (903)780-0680.

November 2013 Fishing Report

Posted on 18 November 2013 | 7:51 am
If you love fall fishing, being out in beautiful weather, and enjoying the beauties of fall, such as the geese migrating, ducks flying, and the beautiful fall foliage then November is the month for you!

Bass fishing lately has been fair to good most days.  Lately I have been working 2 different patterns.  My most productive pattern has been fishing a jig, t-rig, and a spinnerbaits around creek channels and little sloughs off the creek.  My average size fish has been great lately.  Many 3-5 lbers being caught and some larger.  The depths I have been fishing is around 3-8 feet of water.  The other pattern I have found is fishing a lipless crank around the deepest grass I can find.  Those depths seem to be around 4-6 feet.  I've been fishing a 1/2 oz. model and reeling it slow and letting it fall into the deeper grass and ripping it out.  I don't think color is real critical.  I've caught them mainly on a fire tiger and crawfish patterns.

There is also a deep pattern option.  There have been some schooling fish in the mouths of the creeks especially late in the day and the calmer the day the better.  Any type of swim bait will work in these areas.  If the bass aren't schooling in these types of areas then look for them on your graph in 20-35 feet and then try a drop shot, spoon, or a tail-spinner.

Also!  If you are into crappie fishing November is also a good month for that and I will be doing crappie from November thru January in addition to bass fishing.  Call me anytime to book a trip at (903)780-0680.  Be sure and like my Facebook page for more up to date reports and pictures.

October 2013 Fishing Report

Posted on 30 September 2013 | 1:54 pm
Fall fishing is finally here and man I am excited about it!  October is a great month on Fork for several reasons.  One reason is because of the winter coming bass know the changes are headed their way so they are on the prowl.

The first part of October I stay fairly shallow (10 feet or less) most all day.  With our lake low (about 6 feet) I will concentrate most of my time around major creek channels keying on the grass and stumps along the channel edges.  Lure choice depends on light conditions, water clarity, and wind.  Spinnerbaits, square bills, and t-rigged plastics are normally my best baits.

As we get into later October I will spend a lot of more time in deep water.  As a general rule after about the middle of October there will be some quality bass to be caught in the 20-30 feet depths.  I normally will pay close attention to bird activity especially late in the day and I spend most of my time fishing tree lines in the mouths of major creeks and creek bends on tree lines.   I still have some open fall dates.  Call anytime (903)780-0680

Great trip last week of September - largest was 8.7lbs

Late Summer 2013 Lake Fork Fishing Report

Posted on 20 August 2013 | 8:56 am
Late summer has hit here on Fork and with that comes some changes in the bass patterns.  As of yesterday the water temps were in the low 80s and hit mid 80s by afternoon.  We had an unusual cool front hit here several days ago and with that came a drop in water temps and air temps.  As a general rule when this happens the deep water patterns tend to get more inconsistent for the next few months.  With that being said I tend to start fishing creeks and shallow grass.  Early and on windy days I'll fish a lot of top waters and spinnerbaits or chatter baits in these areas.

The other pattern I like this time of year is looking for schooling bass especially on calmer days.  I normally find main lake tree lines especially tree lines on points.  Big crank baits and swim baits are best for these areas.  The fall season is right around the corner and with that comes great weather and great fishing.  If you would like to go fishing call anytime for availability at (903)780-0680 or visit my website at

January 2013 Lake Fork Fishing Report

Posted on 7 January 2013 | 8:59 am

Happy New Year everybody!   I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and have a fantastic New Year.  If you haven't booked your spring trip to Fork call me before it gets too late.  Spring dates are starting to come in so don't waite too late!!!
January fishing on Fork can certainly produce some huge fish!  If you want to try your luck for a trophy bass now is a good time to come.  After the first of each year we enter what I call the "pre-pre-spawn."  What I mean by that is after the days gradually get a little longer the bass slowly start to creep towards their upcoming spawning grounds.  I've caught some huge stringers of bass during the cold days of January in less than 8 feet of water.  My lure choices this time of year are pretty simple.  Since Fork's hydrilla is minimal and the lake is over 4 feet low I'll be fishing a jig a big part of the time keying in on big stumps along the major creek channels and little draws than run thru big flats.  Spinnerbaits will be good choices to especially on days where there is more chop on the water and cloud cover.  This time of year I may have 4 different spinnerbaits tied on all from a 1/4 oz. to a 3/4 oz depending on depth, wind, cloud cover, and water clarity.  Square bill crankbaits and chatterbaits will work well to.  The other pattern I use is a suspending jerkbait.  I use the jerkabait normally on the main lake off the points.  This is a great winter technique especially if the water up north turns too cold and muddy due to heavy rains.
Also worthy of mentioning the action on the local hot water lakes have been good lately.  Recently I have been fishing Lake Welsh which is about an hour from Fork and have been averaging around 40 bass per trip.  The spawn over there should be starting soon so if you want to get in on that action give me a shout.  If I can be of any assistance call me anytime at (903)780-0680.  Also I still have my 2011 Skeeter FX 20 with Yamaha 250 SHO for sale for $39,900 which is a good deal considering they are over $60,000 new.

Late November 2012 Lake Fork Fishing Report

Posted on 20 November 2012 | 10:27 am

November bass fishing can be some of the best bass action of the year.  The reason I love November so much is because of all the patterns that exist and different depths that bass can be caught.

Since I love to fish shallow and our lake is currently about 4.25 feet low that makes for good jig and spinnerbait fishing.  Fishing the major creek channels with a 1/2 jig, 3/8oz spinnerbait and a square bill crankbait are working very well now.  In the past few days I have had some good numbers and size to over 8 lbs with this pattern.

There is also a good deep water bite going on now especially in the afternoons.  Flats in the mouths of the creeks on the lower end of the lake is where I like to fish.  Depths very from day to day but typically the creek channel needs to be 25-30 and the flats 18-22 tend to work best.  In these areas I'm throwing a spoon, tailspinner, and swimbait and some days a dropshot.  Also most days there is some good bass schooling in the areas if the wind isn't blowing.

I wish everybody a Happy Thanksgiving and if I can be of any service call me anytime (903)780-0680.

November Big Bass Fishing on Lake Fork!

Early November 2012 Lake Fork Fishing Report

Posted on 3 November 2012 | 9:09 am

It was November 26, 1986 when Texas bass fishing shocked the country. It was the day Lake Fork Guide Mark Stevenson set the Lake Fork record and the Texas State record by catching Ethel, all 17.67 lbs of her. Soon after that the Texas Share A Lunker program started by using 13lb bass and larger for genetic studies and using their offspring to restock Lake Fork and other Texas Lakes. Since then ...
Fork has produced over 30 bass to the SAL program more than any other Texas Lake. November just happens to be a great month for me as well. The day after Thanksgiving 2006 I had 1 customer in the boat and we had a 5 fish stringer weighing over 35lbs.

November is a great month. Some days we catch them shallow on a spinnerbait and jig and other days we catch them deep on a spoon, C-rig, or tail-spinner. All in all November is a great time to enjoy the beautiful fall weather and try your hand at a bass of a lifetime. I still have some open days. Call me anytime at (903)780-0680 for availability.

September 2012 Lake Fork Fishing Report

Posted on 17 September 2012 | 8:36 pm
Well folks the fall season is finally here and I for one am glad. This time of year brings changes to the bass patterns on Fork. As of now the water temps are in the low 80s most days and the bass are starting to become active.

My best baits the past couple of days has been a topwater Zara Spook, spinnerbait, and a crankbait. The pattern for me has been working main lake creeks from the back where the channel is 4 feet and the flats are just a foot deep all the way to where the creek is 10 feet and the flats are 4 foot. In the backs of the creeks I've been throwing the Spook over the channel and its drawing bass out of the creek, spinnerbait has been working to is these areas. When I move out a little deeper a Bomber 7A crankbait in firetiger or Tennessee Shad have been working in a little deeper water. This pattern should be good for the next 2 months. I still have some days available this fall. Call me anytime for availability (903)780-0680

July 2012 Lake Fork Fishing Report

Posted on 3 July 2012 | 8:36 am

big bass on lake fork
July on Lake Fork means hot weather and hot fishing.  If you are a guy who loves the heat and offshore fishing then this month is for you.

When I say offshore that doesnt't necessarily mean deep water.  Most of the fish I have caught lately have been 6-12 feet.  However, there are many fish out deeper in the 20-30 feet depths, I just prefer to fish a little shallower.  I'm pretty much catching my fish on 2 different baits most of the time.  A crankbait and a worm are my best producers.  I search for the fish with the crank and then pick the area apart with a worm.

There is also a topwater bite going on at Fork.  Recently in one day I had one over 7lbs and one just shy of 8lbs on a topwater in the same morning.  Those bass actually came over a 6 foot creek channel with grass on the sides.  Speaking of grass, the hydrilla is starting to return in a few areas.  Lets hope it makes a speedy recovery.  I still have some days open in July, call anytime for availability (903)780-0680.  Hope you enjoy the pics of the recent days catches.

June 2012 Lake Fork Fishing Report

Posted on 3 July 2012 | 8:32 am
June on Lake Fork.  What a great time to fish this lake!  June is one of those months when you can pretty much catch fish any way you want.  If you're a shallow water guy then there's normally a good topwater bite and a shallow crankbait and spinnerbait bite especially in the mornings and on cloudy days.  If you are more of an off shore guy then you're in luck there to.  June is also one of the best months for off shore structure fishing as well.

As I write this report I'm fishing both shallow and deep.  My shallow water strategy has been pretty much fishing the north end of the lake with a Zara Spook, wake bait, and a spinnerbait or chatterbait.  I'm fishing these baits around the shallow hydrilla that is starting to appear.  Some of this hydrilla is on main lake banks and some is in the backs of the creeks.  It's not everywhere but whenver you find it you can catch some nice ones.  One day last week we had one over 8lbs on a spook in 2 feet of water in the middle of the afternoon.

As far as deep fishing goes I'd have to say the largest populations of bass are probably 15 feet and deeper.  Many fish lately are being caught in 25 feet of water and some as deep as 35.  I know that is exrememly deep but if you hit one of those deep holes at the right time then you could catch a huge stringer.  Baits to use at these depths very depending on the day.  A Carolina-rig is certainly productive as are Texas-rigs and football jigs.  In the recent few years I've become a big fan of a 1oz. football jig in deep water.  Another bait I really love out deep is a big spinnerbait.  I prefer a 1oz. with a 4.5 silver willow blade and small Colorado blade.

There are also good fish to be caught in the mid depths as well, which is what I prefer.  When I say mid depths I mean 6-12 feet.  In these depths I look for creek bends, shallow ridges and humps especially ones near a creek.  When I fish these depths I try to pay very close attention to the presence of blue herons.  My bait choices here are pretty simple.  A DD22 or Strike King 6 XD crankbait or in a little shallower water a Deep Little N or Strike King XD 5 work well.  If I'm not throwing the crank I will be throwing a Texas-rigged worm with a 3/16oz weight with either a red shad or redbug worm.  I like to keep it simple.

For anybody wanting to put some fish in the freezer I'll start my catfish trips soon.  If you want a good bunch of fillets we will do our best to fill the freezer.  To book a trip call me anytime on my cell at (903)780-0680

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